Chuck has been set up
With some sweet clubs

This shiny new custom set of Titleist Woods and Irons, not to mention some sweet Vokey SM8 Wedges, belongs to Chuck.  If you know him, he’s going to start making money from you on side games.  Tim, Adam, and Neal teamed up to fit, build, and present him with his new bag suited for him and his style of play.  Man, I love it when people get new gear!  It’s like I’m living vicariously through them.  And as you can see, Chuck is impressed and seems to like them.  Chuck, I hope you report back and tell us what you think after hitting them.

Every bag that Tim fits goes through the same process, whether you’re one of the PGA Tour Professionals that he instructs or just starting out in the game.  The attention to detail that Adam and Neal give would rival anyone we’ve met in the industry.  Simply saying, “They do good work” is a tremendous understatement.

If you want to get Tour-quality fit, please

Let us know >


Laney is back...

This is Laney Hall.  If you’re a new subscriber, you don’t know that she is one talented junior golfer that the entire staff has taken a shine to.  In fact, she might take some pocket change from you in a small wager if you’re not careful.  She’s traveled with her dear old Dad to sunny California to compete in the Future Champions Golf Tour Callaway World Junior Golf Championship

She’ll be armed with everything that Tim, Robert Singletary, and putting extraordinaire Rick Wright have poured into her so far.  This picture is her working on her short game.  She shut the place down, working on her skills around the greens.  Tim gave her some parting advice such as, “Growl at the others in your group” and “Dad will give you $30 for every Par.”  But the most important thing was to “HAVE FUN!” 

Good luck, Laney!


One good turn deserved another

In the midst of now trying to get rid of a hook in my iron game at the range, I saw the gentleman I gave a yellow ProV1x to (see the June 26th newsletter).  As a quick recap, I gave him a premium ball and helped wake up his game.  As he stood the customary (I hope for not too much longer) masked six feet away, he thanked me again, but he found the ball that he really enjoyed and graciously gave me a sleeve.  He’s settled in on the Bridgestone Tour B XS

All I know is that this is Tiger’s ball.  I haven’t tried these, so I’m anxious to give them a shot to see if maybe I’m missing something.  But I can tell you; it’s going to be hard to beat the ball I’ve grown accustomed to.  Then again, I don’t know everything and open to “different.”  But I do know; this ball does NOT come in yellow in the United States (only Japan), so the experiment will be a challenge just to see the flight of it. 

Stupid 50-year-old eyes.


When size matters

I’m going to talk about it before I closeout.  Bryson DeChambeau.  He’s put on 40 pounds of bulk and hits the ball over 350 yards on a rope.  And if I’m being honest, it’s fun to watch.  He’s knocking long Par 4’s and Par 5’s down to size.  He’s holding a short iron in his hand from 180 yards and a wedge from 140.  He says he did it in order to protect his back.  But he’s not only gotten bigger but faster.  We say around here it’s not about clubhead speed.  He’s created more ball velocity and is just shy of 200 MPH.  But the fact he’s accurate to me is just as impressive.  Hitting 65 or 70 percent of fairways is really good, but when you’re now in pitching wedge range, that’s a recipe for success.  While what he’s doing will not work for everyone, we know the swing he’s employing will.

His swing is built by Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine

It’s efficient with no wasted movement.  The Golfing Machine is a physics-based approach that’s geared to what your body is supposed to do by design.  Here at The Golf Station, Tim can (and has) fixed the most difficult swings in mere minutes.  We’ve seen it over and over again.  It makes this game a little easier by creating a swing that your body already knows how to do.  You won’t need anymore YouTube or golf magazine lessons.

If you’re ready to change your swing and change your game, give us a call at 817.595.4653 to schedule yourself for a lesson. 

Your game will thank you for it!


Adding accuracy
The ‘speed bridge’ on the TaylorMade SIM Irons supports a super-thin, super-fast face. It also allows another innovation designed to improve approach shot accuracy.
“The inverted cone, behind the face, is placed differently for each loft. Longer irons will have the cone positioned a little more towards the toe. The mid irons closer to center, and the shorter irons have a centered, slightly heel-biased placement. That allows the hitting zone to replicate amateur strike patterns to increase both consistency and accuracy”.
If you’d like to read our full analysis of the TaylorMade SIM Iron models and how they deliver a better result then follow our link.
Read more >
A final adjustment to better
What improvements do you want to your iron play and approach shots? Would the TaylorMade SIM Irons help? How can we make sure that you get the right shaft and lie angle to exploit this new design? How does ‘better’ translate to more enjoyment from your game and your time on the course?
Let's find out >


No more three-putts.
Beyond hope, there’s knowledge.
How many times have you stood over a really long putt and just HOPED to get it close enough to survive? With the right lie angle for your putting stroke and setup, you’ll KNOW you’re getting it close.
A setup too far from the ball, or a lie angle that raises the toe, causes inconsistent contact towards the toe. This makes accuracy and distance control very difficult.
A setup too close to the ball, or a lie angle that raises the heel, causes a poor stroke and contact towards the heel. Chances are your putting stroke will loop as you try to find the middle.
Club path and face angle also affect putting accuracy. A slightly closed face angle and an in-to-out path can launch the ball straight. But lie angle and contact point also matter. There’s a lot going on here, that’s why it’s best to get your putter fitted for your stroke and setup.
Get closer from distance
When your putter’s lie angle matches your setup, you’ll be more confident on the greens and very likely card more pars and birdies. If that’s something you’d like to experience, let’s schedule a time to assess your putter’s lie angle. In the meantime, we can give you some drills to do at home.
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