Congratulations to our winners

The winners from this weekend:

Joann Dawson
Kevin Swan
Robert Custodio
Trish Bernardo


What's happening in August?

For the month of August we are offering:
Sunset Golf Rate
Starting at 3:30pm every day.
$25 green fee (walking) 
Members pay $15 for the cart fee.


Let's test your knowledge
Click here for the August Rule Quiz.

Let us know if you have any questions.


What's new to the Golf Course?

Touch-less Golf Ball Retrieval System
E-Z Lyft Pro makes it easy to retrieve the ball just by lifting the handle with any club. New USGA rules allow the pin to stay in place while putting, which saves time and increases the pace for all players.

If you have any questions, please

Let us know >


A word from our Grounds Team

With recent drought conditions, golfers have been noticing the loss of color from the golf course.  The hotel closure has meant a significant decrease in available irrigation water.  Without help from mother nature greens do not have the lush green appearance we are used to.

On the bright side, ball roll and uniformity are not affected by these conditions and the turf - while suffering- will emerge more drought tolerant with deeper root systems.  Of course, the lack of rain also allows for more play if you can stand the heat. 

Please make use of the new touchless ball retrieving system installed on the pins to keep you and your fellow golfers safe.

Also - please apply spray type sunscreen while you are in your cart or on the path as these are toxic to the turf.

Many thanks
Turtle Hill Golf Course Maintenance Department


New arrivals
Not only to Turtle Hill but to Bermuda

Exclusively available at Turtle Hill Gold Shop

Sligo for men.
for ladies.

New styles from AdiPure, Pukka Hats and many more...


Come in. Look around. Walk out stylin'.
Let us know how we can help you with your new styles.


Turtle HIll Pricing and Membership Update

Effective July 1, 2020 we will have new Golf Rates and Tariffs.
Please click here for the new rates.

Why should I join?

Golf Membership Benefits:
• 15% discount in the golf shop (ID card must be produced)
• 15% discount on food and beverage purchases at Fairmont Southampton dining outlets for a maximum of 4 persons (ID card must be produced)
• Unlimited golf – 7 days a week.  Cart rental fee will be applied when used.
• Green fee reductions for guests playing golf with membership holder
• Access to all weekend golf events throughout the season (must sign up with Tournament Committee).
• Discounted green fee rate at Port Royal - $100
• Access to seasonal hotel programming (Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Easter etc.)

Please click here
to download a copy of the new Membership Enrollment Form, effective October 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please

Let us know >


It’s playtime
How good are you from 50 yards?
While you’re playing a full 18 holes, there’s another game you should keep track of; your average from 50 yards in. Next time you play, keep a record of how many shots you take each time you play from 50 yards out. At the end of your round, divide your total score by the number of holes you played to get an average.
Turn this into your scoring zone
Average under 3 shots from 50 yards in, and you’re going to have so much more fun around the greens. Not to mention the benefit to your scorecard. And if you’re over 3, don’t sweat it, let’s schedule a short game session and turn this into your best scoring zone.
Sharpen your short game >


How much improvement could we make to your playing experience if we give you the perfect fitting setup in an iron designed by a super-computer with different models prioritizing different needs, but all adding distance.
Learn more >


Par 3 strategy
Coming up short?
Many golfers fall short of par 3 greens because they select a club based on a perfect shot. But perfect shots are rare. How many times have you come up short?
Know your numbers
There are five distances you should consider on each par 3. The distance you hit the ball on a perfect strike, and the distance you’re most likely to hit the ball. Then you can use the yardages to the front, back and middle of the green to plan what club you’re going to use. Is your perfect shot going to get you in trouble? Is your regular shot going to leave you short?
Don’t let the ego get in the way of playing better golf. After all, what matters more; hitting a good spot on the green or the number club you took to hit it?
Hit more greens
Let’s schedule some time on the course and help you make better decisions that will put you into more scoring positions.
Let's play 9 >

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