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It is important to keep members and guests informed as we see the second wave of Covid-19 cases rising and impacting on all households and businesses. The Club has not been unaffected as we have received numerous reports from members about positive cases, after self-isolating. We have also seen positive cases amongst the staff during this last period, which was dealt with, as per the Covid-19 regulations, and Club policy. The Club will continue to put all measures in place to sanitize the Club, but we need each and every member, guest and staff member to do their part. Please wear masks at all times when walking through the Club, especially in halfway house before you dish up. Masks may only be removed once you are seated or on the tee.


Dear Member,

Please Note – From Thursday, 25 February we will be re-opening the showers. It is important to minimise touch points and therefore, please bring your own towel, soap/ shower gel / shampoo.

It was a beautiful weekend on the courses and the weather was absolutely perfect for golf. What was very interesting, was the difference between Firethorn and Bushwillow’s scores. Of all the scores that were submitted on Saturday, it was surprising to see that Firethorn nearly averaged two points more than Bushwillow.
Firethorn: 33.17 points
Bushwillow: 31.34 points

The feedback from some members on Saturday was that the conditions on Bushwillow were very difficult, but still a good test for golf; the rough is playing very tough and keeping the ball on the fairway was vital. We also had a slight breeze on Saturday morning, causing some trees to lose leaves on the courses, especially on Bushwillow. This made searching for balls a little bit more difficult and more time-consuming, causing the field on Bushwillow to be slower than normal. With this being said, the pace of play on both courses where well-managed and we would like to thank our members for assisting us by keeping to the guidelines of pace of play.

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from our members over the last couple of weeks, and we would like to thank you for this. The feedback is crucial to ensure we deliver the best experience to our members and guests at all times and we will keep on adapting if necessary, to ensure we maintain expectations.

Over the last two weekends, we opened additional tee off times in the Saturday morning tee sheet. We had a total of 256 members in the Saturday AM field, and it comes with its challenges for the golf team. The biggest challenge was the halfway house control as we experienced a little bit of a backup on the tee boxes after players completed halfway house and proceeded to start their back nine. Here are some of the points we will be monitoring and ways to improve the pace of play during and after Halfway House (HWH):
Time in HWH will be limited to 15 minutes max.
Only if a group is out of position will they be asked to either reduce their time in HWH or Grab & Go.
The team member marshalling HWH will only send the next group to their respective tee box as soon as the group in front has left the tee box. This might mean that your time in HWH might be reduced by a few minutes to ensure that we do not create any gaps between 4-balls.
If a group chooses not to stop at HWH, they must keep their position in the field and not jump ahead of other 4-balls.
And remember to wear your mask when entering HWH.


As of 1 March 2021, the final aspect of the World Handicap System (WHS) will be implemented in South Africa.

A Handicap Allowance (HA) percentage will be applied to a competitor’s Course Handicap (CH) as the final step in calculating the competitor’s Playing Handicap (PH) for Competition play.
A Handicap Allowance (HA) is designed to provide equity for players of all levels or ability in each format of play.

To those members not familiar yet with a Handicap Allowance (HA), please see below:

Your Handicap Index (HI) is used to calculate your Course Handicap (CH) depending on which Course (Tee) you choose to play from on a particular day. Your Playing Handicap (PH) is the Handicap Allowance (HA) % of your Course Handicap (CH), derived from the format of play for a specific competition.

Frank, a 8.4 (HI) plays the White Course (Tees) on Randpark Firethorn in a Betterball Stableford Competition.
Frank’s (CH) for the competition is 12, and the (HA) for a Betterball Competition in Stroke Play is 85%.
Calculation: 12 x 85% = 10.2 = Playing Handicap (PH) of 10 for the competition.

Maggie, a 25.9 (HI) plays the Blue Course (Tees) on Randpark Bushwillow in an Individual Stableford Competition.
Maggie’s (CH) for the competition is 34, and the (HA) for an Individual Competition in Stroke Play is 95%.
Calculation: 34 x 95% = 32.3 = Playing Handicap (PH) of 32 for the competition.

Please note that the (PH) is used for Competition Play scoring purposes only (i.e. Stableford or Nett result). Your (CH) is still the relevant Handicap to use for adjusted gross score entry into the HNA Handicap Network System.

 Please click the links below to view the documents:

Congratulations to Grant Labuschagne, who finished 3rd in the SA Kids World Qualifier Tournament (36 Holes) played at Huddle Park!
22 – 28 February: Inrange Shrinking Target Challenge: Driving Range (AM/PM)
Total prize value - R6 250
Magaliesberg Canopy Tour & Inrange+ Experience for 4
Wellputt Mat Start
Goodie Hamper

23 February: Battle of the Toppies: Firethorn (AM/PM)
Total prize value - R11 250
Gary Player Erinvale Duffel Bags
Golf Umbrellas
Thunder Gun Vouchers
Gift Vouchers
Golf Balls & Caps
Sun City Golf Voucher
Hamper Prize

24 February: Lady Captain's Invitational & Open: Bushwillow (AM)
Total prize value - R19 000
Luxury Room Night Vouchers for 2 with Breakfast at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort
Gary Player Erinvale Duffel Bags
Golf Umbrellas
Thelema Mountain Vineyards' Wine Boxes
Sunday Lunch for 4 at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort
Cutter & Buck Weekend Bag
Sun City Golf Voucher
Hamper Prize

24 February: Member Guest Day: Firethorn (PM)
Total prize value - R9 300
Gift Vouchers
Inrange+ Experience for 4
Golf Umbrella
Golf Balls & Golf Cap
Sun City Golf Vouchers
Hamper Prizes

25 February: Captain's Charity Cup: Firethorn (PM)
Total prize value - R55 000
Villa Vouchers for 4 with Breakfast at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort
Cutter & Buck Bags
Gary Player Erinvale Duffel Bags
Golf Umbrellas
Hamper Prizes
Genuine Leather Double Decker Golfer’s Bag
Sun City Golf Vouchers
Golf  Caps
Thunder Gun Vouchers
26 February: Newbee Golf Day: Firethorn (PM)
Total prize value - R10 800
Gift Vouchers
Golf Umbrellas
Wesbank Hamper Prizes
Toi Moi Hampers
Gary Player Erinvale Duffel Bag
Sunday Lunch for 4 at The Fairway Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort
Sun City Golf Vouchers
Hamper Prizes

28 February: Mixed Open: Bushwillow (PM)
Total prize value R20 700
Pool Hampers
Gift Vouchers
Thunder Gun Vouchers
Golf Umbrellas
60 min Sports Massages
Bryanston Country Club 4-Ball
Irene Country Club 4-Ball
Sun City Golf Vouchers
Hamper Prizes

*Prizes subject to change without prior notice.

Don’t miss out playing 2 beautiful courses in 1 fantastic festival! Call our booking ladies on 011 215 8600 today to book your spot.
All three Callaway Drivers will be available for you to test on Friday, the 5th of March from 13:00 – 19:00 at Randpark Club’s Driving Range. See you there! 

Have a great week
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team


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