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It is important to keep members and guests informed as we see the second wave of Covid-19 cases rising and impacting on all households and businesses. The Club has not been unaffected as we have received numerous reports from members about positive cases, after self-isolating. We have also seen positive cases amongst the staff during this last period, which was dealt with, as per the Covid-19 regulations, and Club policy. The Club will continue to put all measures in place to sanitize the Club, but we need each and every member, guest and staff member to do their part. Please wear masks at all times when walking through the Club, especially in halfway house before you dish up. Masks may only be removed once you are seated or on the tee.

Dear Member,


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of two of our long standing members.

Henry Richard Brooks
was a member of the Club for 17 years and passed away on 26 January 2021.

Colin James Sproule was a member of the Club for 35 years and passed away on 16 February 2021.

We extend our sincere condolences and sympathies to both the family and friends.

What a wonderful Festival of Golf week! We would like to extend a big thank you to all our members, visitors and very generous sponsors who made this event such a huge success! A total or R24 440 was raised for the Unity Fund during the week – Thank You!


1st Prize - Magaliesberg Canopy Tour & Inrange+ Experience for 4 sponsored by Protein2GO
2nd Prize - Wellputt Mat Start sponsored by Wellputt
Raffle Draw - Goodie Hamper sponsored by Protein2GO


TV – Gary Gillingham
Booze Hamper – Philip Hughes
Ciro Coffee Machine – Dawid Wandrag

Please contact Leanne on 011 215 8600 or clubevents@randpark.co.za to collect your prizes.
We had yet another great weekend on the courses. Both courses were fully booked with a total of 444 golfers in the fields. Yet again, Bushwillow proofed to be a little bit tougher over the weekend and it just comes to show that we have two brilliant Championship golf courses each with their own unique challenges.

The first round of the Battle of the Schools also got underway this weekend. It was great to the see the schools battling it out on Bushwillow and sharing a few drinks after the round. Win or lose, the teams still had great fun and played in great spirit. Well done to all the sides and the results were as follow:

Ruff Ryders 1 vs 3 Legs
Future Dad Bods 2,5 vs 1,5 Musketeers
Kwaggas 2 vs 2 The Divas
Snakepit 3,5 vs 0,5 Shags 1
Swart Mambas 3 vs 1 SADS
LGA 1,5 vs 2,5 Kianga
BAGS 2 vs 2 Tiger Crabs
Ratpack 2 vs 2 Shags 2
Trojans 1 vs 3 Cheetahs
Klein Vuisies 2 vs 2  Nags

*Please note that due to the long weekend in March, the next BOS fixture will be played on the 24th of April 2021*
BYES Round 2 - 24 April
Future Dad Bods Mixed Crabs   
Legs 11:54 & 12:02
Snakepit Ruff Ryders   vs   Musketeers 08:22 & 08:30
  King Crabs   vs   The Divas 11:38 & 11:46
  Kwaggas   vs   Shags 1 12:10 & 12:18
  SADS   vs   Tiger Crabs 07:50 & 07:58
  Kianga   vs   BAGS 12:26 & 12:34
  LGA   vs   Swart Mambas 11:22 & 11:30
  Ratpack   vs   Klein Vuisies 07:34 & 07:42
  Cheetahs   vs   Nags 08:06 & 08:14
  Shags 2   vs   Trojans 07:18 & 07:26

The BOS 2021 Fixtures will be played on the following dates:

Round 2: 24th April (Firethorn)
Round 3: 29th May (Bushwillow)
Round 4: 26th June (Firethorn)
Round 5: 31st July (Bushwillow)
Q-Finals: 28th August (Firethorn)
Semi Finals: 23rd October (Bushwillow)
Finals: 20th November (Firethorn)

Over the last couple of weeks, our main focus has been pace of play and course care. We have noticed a big difference with regards to pitch marks being fixed, divots being filled and general course care and we would like to thank you, the members for your support. The Randpark team will continue to drive this and ensure we deliver the best courses to our members and guests.

We are aware that in an event like BOS or League, a round will take a little bit longer than normal due to the Matchplay that is taking place between the players, but this does not mean that players must relax or lose time in these events. The biggest difference between Matchplay and Strokeplay is the order of play during the round.  During a Strokeplay event, we encourage golfers to play ready golf at all times, but for Matchplay the following must be applied: the player furthest from the hole must play first as per Rule 6.4a in the R&A Rules of Golf, BUT there is an exception: “Playing out of turn by Agreement to save time: To save time, you and your opponent may agree to play out of turn.” This exception of the rule is very important especially if your group is out of position to make up for the lost time. Below are a few additional tips that might be helpful when playing your next Matchplay or social round:
Try and minimise your time on the tee. First player on the tee must be ready to tee off as soon as they can, other players must be ready to follow.
Plan ahead – once you are off the tee think ahead. Get your yardage and make your club and shot selection. Players must try and do this while the others are playing without disruption.
A small thing like having your glove back on before it is your turn to play will also save a lot of time.
Keep your pre-shot routine sweet and short and limit your practice swings.
Be helpful to others looking for golf balls, especially as we move into our winter months and the trees will start losing all their leaves. Remember the time limit as per the Rules of Golf is three minutes – players may not exceed this time limit.
Spend less time on the greens: mark, lift and clean your ball when you arrive at the putting green and be ready to replace your ball when it is your turn to play. Line up your putt while others are putting – without unsettling your playing partners.
Have a great week
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team

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