3 May 2021 | ISSUE 35

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Dear Member,


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of Malcolm Davitt Jnr. We extend our sincere condolences and sympathies to his family and friends.

The 2021 Club Championships is just around the corner and everybody is very excited as this year promises to be a weekend filled with fun and loads of entertainment.
As we mentioned in the communication last week, we extended the entries from 360 to 448. All divisions will be playing as 4-balls and managing the pace of play will be very important over the weekend to ensure the Club Championships are enjoyable for all our members. The order of events will be as follow:

Arriving at the Club
All players to be screened before proceeding to the registration area.
Registration will be downstairs in Baobab Lounge - all players must register before they proceed to their respective tee boxes.
All Club Championship rules, pin sheets, and scorecards will be handed out at the registration desk by our friendly staff members.
Any additional information will be available at the registration desk.

After registration
All players making use of carts must please proceed to the Golf Shop for payment before proceeding to collect their golf carts.
Ensure you are play ready before starting your round and have golf balls, gloves, sunblock, etc.
Please proceed to your respective tee box 10 minutes prior to your tee-off time.
Check your course and playing handicap with your playing partners – 95% handicap allowance will be applied to all players in the field.

On the course
All players to play ready golf at all times.
On certain holes, for example, 12th and 14th on Firethorn, if you do hit your tee shot and it might be out of bounds, ensure you hit a provisional ball before looking for your first tee shot. This will save a lot of time.
Limit your time to search for balls to three minutes as per the Rules of Golf.
When in doubt about a rule, play two balls and get the correct ruling after your round.
Plan your next shot in advance, read your putt while the other players are busy putting out.
Go straight to your ball and play when ready. If a player in your group is looking for a ball, only assist after you have played your shot.
Halfway House will be strictly GRAB and GO.
It is your responsibility to keep up with the group in front of you and marshals will have strict instructions to ensure all players keep up with the pace of play. As per Rule 5.6a:
“5.6a Unreasonable Delay of Play: You must not unreasonably delay play, either when playing a hole or between two holes.
  Penalty for Breach of Rule 5.6a:
- Penalty for first breach: One penalty stroke.
- Penalty for second breach: General Penalty – two strokes.
- Penalty for third breach: Disqualification.

If you unreasonably delay play between two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole.”

After your round
Please submit your scorecard immediately after completing your round.
The scoring office will be in the Terrace Bar next to the Captain’s bell.
All scorecards must be checked and signed – submitting an incorrect score may lead to disqualification.
Any doubt about a ruling may be discussed at the scoring office, and the correct score must be recorded before submitting your scorecard.

General course care

Please keep up with the 4-ball in front of you.
Repair your divots with the sandbag provided.
All pitch marks must be repaired.
Please rake the bunkers properly.

General local rules everyone should know
Handicaps as of Wednesday, the 12th of May will be used for the Club Championships. The complete list of handicaps will be available in the Golf Office.
Only local caddies will be allowed to caddie, no outside caddies.
No Preferred lies will be allowed during the Championships – in the event that this rule might change it will be communicated on the competition notice board and at the registration desk.
  Men’s Division:
  A-Division (Index <= 5.9): Individual Medal played off the Championship tee (YELLOW tee marker).
B-Division (handicaps 6.0 – 9.9): Individual Medal played off the Club tee (WHITE tee marker).
C-Division (handicaps 10 +): Individual Stableford played off the Club tee (WHITE/GOLD tee marker).
Ladies Division:
  A-Division (Index <= 8.1): Individual Medal, played off the Ladies Club tee (BLUE tee marker).
B-Division (handicaps 8.2 – 12.6): Individual Medal, played off the Ladies Club tee (BLUE tee marker).
C-Division (handicaps 12.7 – 16.9): Individual Medal, played off the Ladies Club tee (BLUE tee marker).
D-Division (handicaps 17.0 +): Individual Stableford, played off the Ladies Club tee (BLUE / RED tee marker).
All Players (except juniors) will be allowed to make use of a golf cart for day 1. Players who are seeded in A-Division (top 15) are the only players who will not be able to make use of a golf cart on day 2.
Prize-giving will start immediately after all the scorecards have been submitted and the final results are approved.

Leanne and Gaby will be managing the confirmation process for bookings and ask that you contact them for any queries and entries. No online entries will be accepted

If you have not yet booked your and the family’s Prize-giving Dinner on Sunday, 16th May, click here and log in to MyClubAccount, click Events & Ticketing:
Informal seating due to Covid compliance
Additional Cost: R205 pp
Children under 12 – ½ price

 Your Club Championships weekend include:
Two days of golf
Warm-up buckets at the Range with Inrange
Hospitality Station, sponsored by CMH Volvo Cars Westrand
Grab & Go Halfway House on both days
Win your part of R50 000 worth of prizes, sponsored by Global Golf
A chance to win R25 000 for a hole-in-one on 17th Firethorn & 13th Bushwillow
Live entertainment on Friday & Sunday. Bring the family!
Chipping Competition on Friday with Srixon
VIP Ride & Drive Experience with CMH Volvo Westrand, collecting you from home and bringing you to the Club
Please click here to view the menus. Click here and log in to make a booking.
Have a great week
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team

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