We all have a part to play in preserving our environment

The River Clean-up on Monday and Tuesday was a collaborative effort between Hennops Revival, the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA and the Club. It was a mammoth task, in which 965 bags of rubbish were removed from only a small stretch of the river alongside the 8th hole.

It would be well worth watching these two short videos in which Taryn Johnston and Taiya Self from Hennops Revival, explain some important issues we all need to take to heart and put into action in our own homes. We are all part of the solution!
Taryn Johnston tells us more about Hennops Revival
Taryn Johnston and Taiya Self give out the "call to arms"
on caring for our environment.
Competition Playing Handicap

As mentioned earlier in the week, the new Competition Playing Handicap comes into effect on Monday, 1st March.

Please make sure that you are up to speed with it. If you didn’t receive or read the Handicap Network Africa newsletter, then check it all out here:

Reason for the change

With the change to the World Handicap System there were two changes that affected your Handicap Index.

The first was the move to the best 8 out of the previous 20 scores when calculating your Handicap Index, from the previous best 10 of the last 20.
Secondly, the change from a maximum score per hole of 2 over par (unless you had two strokes on a hole, in which case you could enter a 3 over par) to Net Double Bogey (zero Stableford points).

The 2 over was incorrect because it failed to take into account handicap strokes on a hole and it meant people could pick up despite still having a single Stableford point. Net Double Bogey has been in use in the UK, Europe and Australia, and was agreed to by all the countries participating in the World Handicap System decisions.

The above changes have caused some handicaps to move more than others, so GolfRSA has decided to follow the World Handicap System recommendation of using Competition Allowances to ensure all players have an equal opportunity of winning.

Competition Handicap Allowances

We are sure that most of you are aware that many current provincial or regional handicap competitions are played off, say, 80% or 90% of Course Handicaps.

The World Handicap Technical Committee investigated millions of competition scores for different formats of play and came up with a statistically determined recommended adjustment to Course Handicaps, which is designed to make competitions fair to all participants. This gives everyone, no matter what their Course Handicap is, an equal chance of winning a club or other competition.

So, for example, in a ‘Better Ball’ competition it does not matter if two low handicappers play together or two high handicappers play together, or if a low and high handicapper play together – they will all have a fair chance to win if they play well or combine well.

So, how do we implement this Competition Handicap Allowance to give the players a Competition Playing Handicap for the specific competition?

The free HNA App has an option at the bottom of the Course Handicap section that says “Apply Allowance”. From here, simply select the percentage that the Club has advised you is applicable to the day's competition.

The App will then provide you with a Course Handicap and a Competition Playing Handicap. The Competition Playing Handicap would be used to calculate your score for the club competition.

The Competition Playing Handicap can also be looked up in the same way on the club's handicap terminal – and many clubs will also be able to print out your Competition Playing Handicap for the competition on your payment receipt. Additionally, Competition Playing Handicap Conversion Tables are available at the club as a quick look-up table.

When you enter your score for handicap purposes, you do it the same way as you have done for the past year, by using your Course Handicap. The Competition Playing Handicap is only used for your competition score.

If you have any doubts about what score to enter on the HNA Handicap System, you can just enter your gross score per hole and press Enter Score – the system will automatically adjust your score for Net Double Bogey using your Course Handicap and calculate your Score Differential. This can be done on the App, the terminal or on the website.

Filling in your scorecard

If you are filling in a scorecard for the competition, you need to write down both your Course Handicap and your Competition Playing Handicap in the Handicap section. However, you will only use your Competition Playing Handicap to calculate your competition score.

In competition formats not covered by the table below, the Competition Committee can decide on their own percentage – or decide not to apply one.

Handy Hints from the Golf Shop

This week Happiness makes sure that it fits just like a glove!

Let's help you go further on the course

This week Elsabe gives you a few hints to maintain good balance while putting.

Elsabe Hefer is the Head Teaching professional at Zwartkop. She has been a PGA Pro for 20 years and is one of their Top 20 Teachers

Junior and Adult Group Classes

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your game and have some fun at the same time. Adam and Curtley are here to ensure you get the most out of your game.

All COVID-19 regulations will be adhered to and class sizes are limited.
If you prefer a one-on-one lesson, we have you covered for that too.

Individual Lessons

We have a host of PGA Professionals for you to choose from, so give one of them a call.

• Elsabe 082 922 8408
• Justin082 925 0236
• Adam074 747 2030
• Curtley071 809 3754

Whether it’s an individual or group class, a once-off lesson or a package. Give them a call to discuss your options on 082 922 8408.
Shop Specials

Buy a Cleveland ZIPCORE Wedge for R2499 and receive two sleeves of the 2021 Srixon Z-Star or Z-Star XV golf balls, for free.
If you are looking for an improvement in your chipping, get yourself a Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge at R2299 and receive two sleeves of Srixon AD333 Tour Yellow Balls, for free.
Wingate / Waterkloof / Zwartkop Alliance

We have an Alliance between ourselves, Waterkloof and Wingate, which allows you to play at their courses at member’s rates. Please do remember to follow the rules when using the Alliance:

Bookings can only be made by our Golf Shop staff so contact Joseph, Vusi or Happiness and they will make the booking on your behalf. Please do not arrive at Wingate or Waterkloof without an advance booking having being made by our staff!

Bookings are subject to availability and can only be made one week in advance for games Monday to Friday and Sunday.

Bookings for Saturday afternoons can only be made the day before.

Saturday mornings are excluded from the arrangement.


This journey’s better when it’s shorter
Every golfer wants a shorter approach shot. Getting into that position starts on the tee. And here’s how we’re going to help you get there.
Check your swing
We’ll have a look at your swing and help you make any necessary adjustments to improve it.
Use technology like this
New technology is making the game easier. The Rebound Frame on Srixon’s ZX Drivers is a perfect example. When working on your long game, it’s definitely a club worth considering.
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Let’s shorten the journey
We want you to fly further and straighter off the tee. We want you in the scoring zone with a shorter approach, more often.
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We want you to get every bit of distance you’re capable of off the tee while still enjoying soft feel and spin around the greens. That’s why we trust and recommend the new Srixon Z-STAR XV.

It’s reformulated core gives aggressive swings the distance they’re after with driver and the control they expect with irons and wedges.
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A flying start
How we get you there
Every golfer is different, but an enjoyable golf experience looks the same for most of us; having fun while hitting better shots and sharing special moments with others. There are several ways for us to help you experience this more often.
Game assessment
Playing 9 holes together gives us a clear picture of your overall game.
Benchmarking and goal setting
We’ll establish a baseline for your game that we use to set smarter goals and make faster progress.
Swing check
We’ll have a look at your swing and help you make any necessary adjustments.
We’ll ensure that the equipment you’re playing with works for you and isn’t making the game more difficult than it should be.
Discover a new level of enjoyment
Wherever you are on your golfing journey, there’s always room to improve your playing experience. Let’s set you up to break into a new level of scoring and enjoyment.
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