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Dear Member,

Understanding where the Club is heading, especially under the current circumstances, is very important. Randpark has always been professionally driven and we understand the importance of having a strategic plan in place to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations and ensure that the team work towards a common goal. The impact of Covid-19 significantly changed the Club’s current plan, which was set out in 2018. The committee will therefore be meeting on 18th March to realign the strategic plan for the next three years. It is clear that the situation is still very fluid and must be reviewed on a regular basis, but it is as important to align what the Club wants to achieve and how we will achieve it. We look forward to sharing the plan with members once it has been finalised.
A big part of our ability to deliver great service is the training of our staff. We are very excited about the new training structure being implemented at the Club, which will ensure that we continue to grow our team to deliver the best experience possible. We have converted an old office space into a learning centre. The new learning centre will allow us to train employees through online courses, starting with rules of golf, right through to customer service. Below are a few examples of what Randpark staff will be training on in months to come.
R&A Level 1 Course
Championing Leadership of Service in Hospitality
The Foundations of Hospitality: Understanding the Three Relationships in Hospitality
Emotional Intelligence: Unpacking the Six Key Human Needs in Leadership & Management
Business Principles - Based on the book Principles by Ray Dalio
An introduction to Developing Goals, Critical Success Factors and KPI's
Covid-19 Awareness and Covid-19 Essential Skills
Bullet-proofing your Psychology: Creating a Resourceful Mindset in Uncertain Times
The Indispensable Employee: Understanding what value to a company looks like in the new world
The Ingredients to a First-Class Waiter
Waiter Excellence: Hard Skills
From the Grape to the Bottle

We also have the opportunity to develop young managers with the Managers in Development certification, which is a specialisation course and will upskill a few of our young key individuals.

Creating a resilient Club is important and does not only start and end with the facilities we offer or how great our courses are. It is as important to develop a team and to ensure that they are able to deliver the service and experience the Club sets out to achieve.

We look forward to this journey in months to come and I know members will enjoy the results of the hard work going into the planning, implementation and overall delivery of the strategic plan.

Happy golfing,

We always encourage communication between our members and the Club. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to either contact our CEO, Francois Swart at ceo@randpark.co.za or our Club Captain, Derek McGowan at captainslog@randpark.co.za.

Casey Twidale, who recently turned 13, is one of Randpark’s up-and-coming stars – as she has proved by twice shining brightly in the last few weeks.

Entering the “big league” for the first time, against much older and more experienced golfers, she finished a commendable second in the B-Division in the SA Women’s Amateur Strokeplay at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington in February. Then, just 12 days later, Casey went one better by winning the B-Division in the North West Women’s Open at Pecanwood. Conditions weren’t easy, it was uncomfortably hot, and with two rounds played in one energy-sapping day, she sealed the deal with a closing, well-executed, 81.

Currently playing off a stroke index handicap of 8.1 – pretty good going for a young lady just entering her teenage years – Casey was introduced to golf by her dad Ian when she was just five years old. “I enjoyed going to the range with my dad and brother just to hit balls. My dad then signed me up for lessons with Darren Witter and that’s where it all started,” she says. From the outset she has been coached by Randpark’s Darren Witter and is now part of the excellent Junior Elite Programme which Darren runs at the club with Stuart Blackie. [Read more]

Uli, one of our long-standing members' goal was to score his age. He achieved this on Monday by shooting 78, playing Firethorn with our Club Captain. Well done Uli - we are so proud of you! It just goes to show, age is a number you should aim for on your scorecard.

In the last two months, the Club has recycled over 7 tons of waste (which is made up of cardboard, plastic, cans, paper, glass, juice and milk containers, take-away cups and aluminium, to name but a few of the items) – this is quite an achievement in our environmental sustainability effort!

Pace of play is a very important part of an enjoyable round of golf. The Club will continue to drive useful tips and information regarding pace of play, as we believe that the success of managing this lies with our members. We have mentioned in a past newsletter that there is a time difference between Firethorn and Bushwillow, which is nine minutes to complete 18 holes, this is mainly because of the yardage and the distance between green and tee boxes. The pace of play sheet below is a great indicator of the time it should take to complete a hole or 9 holes.
What is really great is that members are interacting with us on a weekly basis and sharing their experience on the course, based on the information we have provided. We appreciate the feedback, whether it be good or bad, as it helps guide us to adjust what we do to ensure the overall enjoyment of the game. We have added a great example of feedback received earlier this week. 
A lot of our members are making use of smart watches or Apps on their phones to track their round. These devices are great to use when playing golf, they will assist with yardage, step count, average heartbeat rate, and time spent on the course. One of our members shared his stats over the weekend, and what is good to see is that he finished just four minutes behind the recommended pace of play, but also said that he started his watch before he teed off and only stopped the watch when he was in the parking area. This means that his round finished ahead of time, which is great. So, if you do make use of a smart watch or similar device while playing golf, please track your pace of play and if you want please share it with us by emailing info@randpark.co.za.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you start the device when you tee off and stop the watch when you walk off the course.

The small distance markers on sprinkler heads, which you find on the fairways are being redone and should be in place soon.


The 2021 Graduate and Junior Club Championships are scheduled to be played on Sunday, the 18th of April. Entries will open on Friday, the 12th of March and will close on Sunday, the 11th of April.

This 36-hole Championship is the first major championship of the year.

Format of Play:
A & B Divisions – Strokeplay
C – Division – Stableford points

This is a one-day Championship on both course; AM round will be played on Firethorn and the PM round will be played on Bushwillow.
For one day only, we will be running a Nike apparel sale. Join us in the Golf Shop on Friday, the 12th of March to make the most of these great deals. All Nike items will be sold at less 15%, if bought or ordered on Friday.
Everyone that played in the Newbee Golf Day on the 26th of February must please re-book.

Please click here for the Easter lunch menus.
Bring your team down to the Driving Range and have a bit of a golf party. Inrange+ is an experience for every person, not just golfers. Come play!

The pro golfer, the newbie, the “I’ve only ever tried golf once” person and everyone in between can now have fun with Inrange+, a unique golf experience that merges the real driving range with entertaining golf games. There are four different games and you can get up to four people per bay. At the end, a winner will be crowned.

For more info on our fun packages call Leanne on 011 215 8600 or clubevents@randpark.co.za.

Have a great weekend
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team

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