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Dear Member,

It is no secret that Randpark has a dedicated team of employees who are passionate about achieving the vision of the Club, who take pride in the success we have enjoyed for many years, and they are dedicated to creating the best experience for members and visitors. A big part of our plan this year is to develop departmental teams and individuals, to further grow them, and in return continue to grow the Club.

We have included a few stories below of what has been happening behind the scenes with the team.

Years of dedication to the Club – Long Service Award

A big thank you to Patrick Mzamani Baloyi for dedicating 30 years of his life to the Club. Patrick started in 1991 as a scullery worker in the kitchen and quickly moved to the bar, as a bar back, in Hendrik’s bar and then a barman in John’s bar. He was then promoted to a supervisor in the food and beverage department and has been a valuable part of the team since.
Staff Uniforms

A huge thank you to Sean Ledden from Ubuntu Resource Management for sponsoring our new staff uniforms.
F&B Rewards and Team Building

On Sunday evening, 11th April the Randpark catering and bar team had a great time putting their skills to the test with Inrange+! We couldn’t believe some of the swings that came out, and of course, had a chuckle with the guys holding a golf club for the very first time. One of the comments that made us all smile, “I now know why the golfers look so frustrated some days – this game is hard!”

A huge congratulations go to Patrick Baloyi for winning the evening on
5 000 points!
Staff Development Training
A big part of our ability to deliver great service is the training of our staff. We are very excited about the new training structure being implemented at the Club, which will ensure that we continue to grow our team to deliver the best experience possible. We have converted an old office space into a learning centre. The new learning centre will allow us to train employees through online courses, starting with Rules of Golf, right through to Customer Service. Below are a few examples of what Randpark staff will be training on in months to come.
R&A Level 1 Course
Championing Leadership of Service in Hospitality
The Foundations of Hospitality: Understanding the Three Relationships in Hospitality
Emotional Intelligence: Unpacking the Six Key Human Needs in Leadership & Management
Business Principles - Based on the book Principles by Ray Dalio
An introduction to Developing Goals, Critical Success Factors and KPI's
Covid-19 Awareness and Covid-19 Essential Skills
Bullet-proofing your Psychology: Creating a Resourceful Mindset in Uncertain Times
The Indispensable Employee: Understanding what value to a company looks like in the new world
The Ingredients to a First-Class Waiter
Waiter Excellence: Hard Skills
From the Grape to the Bottle

We also have the opportunity to develop young managers with the Managers in Development Certification, which is a specialisation course and will upskill a few of our young key individuals.
Creating a resilient Club is important and does not only start and end with the facilities we offer or how great our courses are. It is as important to develop a team and to ensure that they can deliver the service and experience the Club sets out to achieve.
We look forward to this journey in months to come and I know members will enjoy the results of the hard work going into the planning, implementation, and overall delivery of the strategic plan.

Meet the Course Team

Join Roger and his team this Friday, 16 April between 15:30 and 18:00 in front of Baobab Lounge. You will have the opportunity to meet the faces behind course maintenance, have a look at the fleet of machinery on display and get to know the ins and outs of Randpark’s daily maintenance routine. The course team looks forward to answering all your questions and meeting you!

Happy golfing,

We always encourage communication between our members and the Club. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to either contact our CEO, Francois Swart at ceo@randpark.co.za or our Club Captain, Derek McGowan at captainslog@randpark.co.za.

Once again, congratulations to Jonathan Bell for winning the 2021 Masters. A great score of 45 points on Firethorn.

We are very excited for our first Club Championship of the year. The Graduate and Junior Club Championships will take place this coming Sunday. The 36-hole event will be played on both courses and we wish all our players the best of luck for the Championships. The draw has been finalized, click here to view all the tee-off times.

*The Handicap Index as of the 13th of April will be used for the Club Championships – the list of handicaps is available in the Golf office*

A few important notes for the tournament:
A-Division (H/cap index < 3.9), B-Division (H/cap index 4.0 -9.0), C-Division (9.1 +)
Tournament tee boxes will be as follow: A-Division: Yellow, B-Division: White, and C-Division: Any tee boxes, with adjusted handicap
Players playing in the C-Division will have the option of playing off the White (Club) tees or any of the alternative tees provided, i.e., Gold or Red (Firethorn). Handicaps will need to be adjusted accordingly.
The A- and B-Division players will play individual Strokeplay (Medal), while the C-Division players will play Individual Stableford (I.P.S.).
Ladies/girls are welcome to participate in the Championship. There will not be a separate Ladies / Girls Division, but they will compete alongside the men/boys, but off the below-designated tee-boxes.
• Ladies A-Division. (H/cap index <4.9): Gold Tees
• Ladies B- & C-Division: Blue tees

The stroke rating for the respective tees will be evened out so that similar stroke ratings are achieved between the respective courses and all players play on even terms against one another.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your tee-off time on your respective tee box. Arriving late may lead to a penalty or disqualification.
Only local caddies will be allowed to caddie.
Please click here to view the local rules for the Championships.


Betterball League Standings:

Firethorn Side:
Bushwillow Side:
Creek 9 Side:
Mid-Am League Standings:

Firethorn Side:
Bushwillow Side:
Junior League Standings:

We've been busy with paving repairs this week. No. 8 on Bushwillow has been lifted by the swamp cypress trees and has created a tripping hazard. The circle at no. 6 has also become uneven and will be repaired. We are also looking at improving routing from the 1st to 2nd on Bushwillow as well as from the 11th to 12th on Firethorn.
With our aggressive top-dressing regime, we don't get many fungal diseases, but we do get dollar spots a few times a year. Dollar spot likes more humid conditions and tends to invade when nitrogen levels are slightly low. We treat it with a fungicide and a slightly higher fertiliser application to speed up recovery.


Inrange is a world-class system and loved by all. We are kicking it up a notch by adding a great food and beverage experience, while you are hitting balls. You can now have the Cinema Prestige experience but for golf!
Have a great weekend
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team


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