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A Father's Day to remember

This last Sunday we had the privileged to host our very first Father’s Day lunch.  It was great to see so many families here to celebrate the day and to spoil Dad.  It was great to have my Dad here and being a father of two it was certainly a special day.

Thank you to those who came out to enjoy the day. Johan and his team did a fantastic job as the food was delicious as always. It is certainly the first of many celebrations at San Lameer Country Club.


Irrigation project

Our irrigation project is well under way and we are about two days away from completing the front 9. Clinton and his team are pushing hard to get this done as soon as possible. You will also notice that we have new tee markers out on the course.  It's a big improvement on our previous markers and will hopefully last for a good couple of years.

Winter golf school

My winter golf school has been going well and it is great to see our members steadily improving their games. This week we focused on the short game and the various shots we can hit around the greens. I am very impressed with Anton and Hennie as they managed to hit some lovely shots. They even passed my flop shot challenge by hitting a flop shot over a golf cart. Well done guys and see you this coming week for a rule session in the clubhouse.


23 June 2021
Wednesday Competition – Individual Stableford

1st place: Ben Viljoen (2 handicap), 38 points (c/i)
2nd place: Schalk Oosthuizen (14 handicap), 38 points (c/o)
3rd place: Frans Klopper (10 handicap), 36 points (c/i)

Nearest to the pin:
Hole 4: Ruth Mosburger
Hole 16: Frans Klopper


Ever wondered, if you put some
focus into it how good could you be?
You may have played golf for health and well-being, social, and recreational reasons for 20+ years. You have had some coaching in the beginning, but since then, you’ve only had “fix” lessons. If you’re shooting in the low 90s or high 80s, you have proven athletic ability. How good could you be?
Golf should still be fun, but advancing age isn’t a limit
We’re looking for golfers who now have more time on their hands, shooting below 95 currently. If you want to carry on playing social, recreational golf, but also want to see how much more enjoyment and fulfillment there might be in the game,
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This isn’t about pumping iron and becoming the young stud. It’s about maximizing the potential of technique and timing. Get that right and:
You re-discover more metres off the tee than you believed possible.
You can use fairways and hybrids with confidence and quality that dis-heartens competitors.
You can hit approach shots with higher, shot-stopping power.
You become a wizard with the short clubs and putter.
You can Break 85
If that’s a golf experience that appeals to you, then please don’t wait. Start the journey to hitting even better golf shots.
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Set Your Foundation
How’s your separation?
Full mobility enables you to ‘separate’ your upper body and hips during the golf swing. This allows you to make a full shoulder turn with good hip rotation, helping you hit longer golf shots. But as we age, we can lose the ability to rotate fully at all, never mind make this separation.
This exercise can be performed by young and old alike and is a great way to improve your separation and upper body rotation.
Squeeze an exercise ball between your legs as you rotate slowly side-to-side with your arms hooked around an iron. You can also do this exercise without an exercise ball; just make sure your knees aren’t collapsing inward.

If you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask a fitness professional.
How’s your mobility?
A swing assessment can help us identify any areas where you might be restricted. Then we can decide whether a change in technique or a recommended visit to a physical trainer or both, would be best for you.
Get moving >

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