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 Firethorn Greens Update

Dear Member,

This newsletter is intended to report back on the progress that we have made to get the Firethorn greens back to standard.

There has been a lot of work done, and the greens are mostly showing improvement. The greenkeepers have taken sods from the chipping green to plant in the more extensively damaged areas of the greens, in addition to seeding and plugging. This is working, but there are still some smaller spots where we will have to do the sodding to get rid of the affected substrate, and give the grass a better chance to grow. In addition, the greens have been extensively hollow-tined to get more air to the roots, and the areas that have been worked on have also been sanded.

All this work does affect the playability of the greens negatively. The high rainfall also does not help. We are, fortunately, now in a low-demand period, and we will take the following actions between now and 8 January, when we expect normal demand to return:

• We should reduce the traffic on Firethorn as much as we can to give the greens a chance to re-establish where we have worked on them. Therefore, we will move as many of our bookings on to Bushwillow as we can, and no new bookings will be taken on Firethorn. Where players choose to play Firethorn, we will only take bookings for the morning field, and close afternoons off for Firethorn.
• We will apply a 15% discount for green fees on Firethorn over this period, for pay as you play golfers.
• Where players are forced to play from or through the affected areas on the green, we are designating that as Ground Under Repair, with the normal relief available under the Rules.

The Management and General Committee appreciate your patience and support.  

Gerrit Sandrock
President Randpark Club


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